Here Are the Top 3 Best-Selling TV Boxes from Gearbest

Best Selling TV Boxes

Most of the people in the world today have access to televisions in their homes. A television requires either an Android TV box or a digital TV box. Most of the Televisions and other electronic devices are bought from China. GearBest is the most popular place where you can buy China made electronics in the world today. Here, you can get the latest and best electronics from mobile phones to televisions and even TV boxes. Below are the top 3 best-selling TV boxes from GearBest.

  1. Mecool M8S PRO L 4K TV Box Amlogic S912

This is one of the best TV boxes in the market today. It is equipped with more than 2000 HD live channels. In addition, it also has up to 40 adult channels to enjoy when your children are not around. Some of the advantages of this TV box that makes it superior include the following;

  • It is very easy to use. This ensures that you do not have a hard time using it at home, even if you are not very conversant with technology.
  • It is very fast. It does not take a lot of time to display the channels and the interface is not also long.
  • The TV box is also very stable, ensuring that you are able to use it for a very long time.

The price of the TV box may vary depending on whether it is a normal sale or a flash sale. During a flash sale, the prices may be very much cheaper as compared to the normal sale.

  1. W95 TV Box

This is the second best TV box in the market today. It features S905W, Android 7.1 and 2GB +16GB. This ensures that the TV box allows you to enjoy very high quality videos. There is also a hardware decoding h265 and VP9 and supports HDR with a ten bit color depth. This means that there are no restrictions or obstacles when using this TV box to view resolutions up to 4K. You can also connect other android games with the TV box and stream videos online. It is fitted with 2.0 USB connectors that make it easy for you to connect the TV with external hard drives, mice, computers and even webcams and keyboards. With the 8GB eMMC, you are able to download, watch and even save all the things you wish to. It is controlled by remote and it also has a HDMI 2.0. This makes it easier to connect the TV box to televisions and monitors.

  1. Mecool MS8 PRO W TV Box

This is the third best TV box in the market today. This TV box is fitted with the latest version of the cost-effective chip. It has 1GB of DDR3 RAM and 8GB of storage. This ensures that you are able to download and save everything you desire on the TV box. It also has a microSD card slot which makes it even suitable for storage. It also has a power adapter, and it also uses the internet and other social networks. It has an Ethernet connector for wired internet and local networks. It produces high quality videos due to the 4K H.625 feature. This is the best choice for playing video games, watching video games and also for watching videos. High performance quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU enables you to play a wide range of games. It also has a 2.4G ensures that you get a more stable for your TV. This further makes it easier for you to enjoy high quality videos. Some of the advantages of this TV box include the following;

  • It is enabled for high performance.
  • It consumes less energy, making it suitable for energy conservation.

Today, most of the people in the world today have access to televisions. The number of people with televisions in their houses has been gradually rising over the years. Most of the televisions and other electronic devices are usually manufactured and distributed by China based companies. The most popular place in the world today to buy China made electronics in GearBest. In addition to mobile phones and televisions, they also deal in TV boxes. Above is a list of the top 3 android TV boxes in the market today that are distributed by GearBest, together with their features and description.