How to Be a Better Person in Life

How to Be a Better Person in Life

Improve the dedication to be every day by having better musings, settling on better decisions, and taking better activities. The better individual you are, the better individuals, life circumstances, and openings you will draw in into your life. Beneath you’ll discover 16 approaches to improve as a man.

Here are some tips that will help:

Constantly evolve:
I try to learn something new and make at least one improvement that makes me better at something every single day. It sounds daunting, but improvements don’t have to be huge, they can be really small which incrementally leads to huge change. Think improving just 1% each day and build upon that every single day. Doing so has a dramatic effect and will make us 37x better, not 365% (3.65x) better at the end of the year. Wake up every day and ask yourself what is the 1% improvement I can change to make myself better personally and professionally.

Never stop learning:
Learn something new every day. Whether that is reading a book, listening to a pod cast or completing a MOOC online. You need to take continue to take responsibility for your own learning and actively pursue means to improve. Read for 1 hour every single day.By reading one hour a day, regardless of your perceived level of knowledge, you can become a world leading expert in any subject in 7 years. If you begin now, you could become a world leading expert in your chosen field in less than 10% of your lifetime. It obviously requires commitment and consistency but it’s incredibly easy to sit and read if you are literate. 42% of college graduates never read another book after college so think how far ahead that could get you.

Do something different:
If you zig when others zag you will avoid being in the majority making it easier to rise to the top. Its far easiest to be great in a smaller pool.

Compete against people better than you:
Go places where you know you will be at a disadvantage. Competing against superior performers will expose you to strategies which enable you to alter your own. You’ll learn tricks and spot hints to improve your own performance you won’t learn in years of competing against rookies.

Give yourself too little time:
Purposefully give yourself less time than you know you need to achieve something. You’ll surprise yourself or be forced to invent creative ways to improve your efficiency. It might help you spot trends from alternative industries/activities/sports you can utilize in a new way. In business it is often better to repackage and existing average idea and improve on it to achieve greatness.

Remove interruptions:
Live life without distractions by disposing of the things in your life that are frivolous. Abandon social media, stop living your life through the prism of technology and comparison to other and experience things instead of seeing them. Unmercifully remove the things in your life that don’t matter so you can focus on the things that do.

Set goals:
write them down. recording your goals will make you 100% more likely to achieve them. Write short, medium and long-term goals and actively track your progress against them. It will give you a sense of achievement which will inspire you and spur you on.

Say no:
Say no to almost everything so you can say to the things that matter.

Be more original:
Following the status-quo may help you achieve short-term academic success, it might assist in enabling you to pass exams and get into university, but ultimately it is going to detrimentally affect your creativity. Take risks, spot chances and dove in. Share your ideas and get feedback. Be brave.

Broaden your horizons, open your mind and deepen your well of exposure. Understand the idiosyncrasies between cultures and experience living. Go to the places on the periphery and understand the countries you visit. A resort with a pool and a sandy beach could be anywhere. Go to places and distil their true meaning and gain enlightenment. By understanding how different cultures and communities operate our lives are enriched with understanding, compassion and appreciation for people unlike ourselves.

Record your ideas:
Record your thoughts and ideas in a journal every day for you to reflect upon labour. Recording a brilliant thought you’re not quite sure to develop allows your mind to continue working on a solution or utilization of your mind long after you’ve recorded the words on paper.

Recording ideas is the single most important piece of advice I would ever give. What do the greatest people in the world have in common? Prolifically. Those who develop things which result in paradigm shifts are more likely to have worked on thousands of solutions than those who did not. They simply give themselves more opportunity to achieve greatness. You only need to be right once to change the world.

Don’t waste time:
Use a timer for everything. Some things may seem inconsequential but that 30-minute meeting that takes 37 minutes bi-weekly is costing you over 12 hours of productive time a year. Extrapolate that figure across every individual at the meeting and you have a significant economic loss. Multiply that for every meeting that runs even a minute over. Your schedule is sacred, protect it or you’ll pay for it in your own time. The same applies even for menial chores. Once you know how long something takes you have a target to beat.