Gadgets to Buy This Christmas

Gadgets to buy this Christmas

Christmas is finally upon us! You’ll begin to hear more festive songs and see the majority of your day with fairy lights in the picture. Which brings us to thinking about what presents to by people this year or maybe just to treat yourself, this article has all the latest gadgets to consider some are redesigned current products and others are ready for the new year. There are a lot of trends occurring with gadgets over Christmas this year so keep your eyes peeled for some of these ideas and think about who they’d be best for.

Voice Enabled Speakers

They’ve been available for a couple of years now but this Christmas the prices are dropping of how much you can purchase one for. With the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini bought priced at around £50 they will be on a lot of peoples lists this year. These speakers are the small versions of their current lead products, both are more limited on what they can offer the user but are still fun and convenient to use around the house. Voice-enabled speakers, in general, are breaking new ground, not only can you play music and ask the device questions it can now handle your schedule and reminders and some can even order your favourite pizza or request an Uber taxi. Mobile app development has helped the user to have the ability to sync their phones and tablets to the speaks also. The competition to drop prices and get people buy them is likely to have sparked from the announcement of the Apple Home Pod which will offer similar capabilities and different iconic features. Apple will likely have a much higher price bracket for their product though, so trying the current models in either little or large can’t hurt especially for £50.

The World’s Smallest Nespresso Machine

A personal favourite, after having a Nespresso coffee at home it’s hard to ever go back to regular instant coffee, but the size of the Nespresso machines I’m sure could put people off buying one if they have a small kitchen. With the Nespresso Essenza Mini there are no excuses anymore, it’s their smallest machine and it will fit anywhere in most homes, it is 4.3 inches wide and 8 inches deep and for around £100 it’s hard to say no to perfect coffee every morning.

Hot Cup

If you’re happy with instant coffee or you prefer tea then this is another product to look out for, the hot cup or one cup machine basically boil water a lot quicker than a regular kettle for quicker hot drinks. In less than a minute a hot cup machine will produce boiling water ready for your drinking use, it’s a clever gadget as it only heats up the water for one cup which really speeds up the process. This product was popular last year as a gift and this year the prices have completely dropped, brands such as Breville offer a model for around £30 making it an affordable gift for most people this year.

Wireless Earphones

Since Apple removed their headphone jack from mobile phones, different brands have been realising even better wireless technology which includes better battery life, sound quality and size ranges. Wireless earphones used to be an expensive luxury but in recent months’ big brands such as Monster have been recently well-reviewed earphones for around £50.

Majority of people use headphones so these would be an ideal gift this Christmas if you know someone who is still untangling their headphones on a daily basis.

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