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Where Can I buy Best HDMI Cables for Apple TV 4K?

Apple TV does not include an HDMI cable in the box and The Apple TV must be connected to an HDMI receptacle on a display capable of high-definition 1080p or 720p.The HDMI cables are...
Apple Getting Greedy

The iPhone: Innovation, Profits, and So Much More

If you’re a fan of Black Mirror, you’ve seen all of the wonderful and terrifying possibilities for technology to change over time. In the past decade, we’ve seen technology go from a luxury to...
iphone secret code list 2018

Master The Skills Of iPhone Secret Code list 2018 And Be Successful.

Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes List 2018: It is a basic convention amongst the manufacturers of mobile phone devices to provide ease of self-diagnosis and troubleshooting. Secret codes for iPhone comes in a combination of numerical,...
best android and ios games

25 Best HD Games for IOS and Android

Mobile gaming is on the rise as big game companies and independent developers focus more attention to producing games for smart devices like the iPad and iPhone. Not everyone has a PC or console...
apple event 2017

5 Big Announcements from Apple’s iPhone 8 Event: Need To know Things

Apple just released 2 hours of buildup, conveying media and fans to its new Cupertino home office to uncover its most recent lineup of devices and programming. There's a considerable measure of data to...
The best Augmented Reality apps for iPhone

Best Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone

Augmented reality is one of the most emerging technologies in the world. AR apps for iOS have come a long way over the years. Whether you are looking for amazing games, educational apps, or...
How to Take 360 Photos on iPhone and Android Mobile

How to Take 360 Photos on iPhone and Android Mobile

Every mobile user wants to be a photographer. The moment he finds something important clicking, he takes his mobile and takes the pictures. But this doesn’t have the value of DSLR cameras that gives...
wwdc 2017

Apple’s 10 biggest announcements from WWDC 2017

Leaks were uncommonly scarce ahead of Apple’s big WWDC 2017 keynote presentation on Monday, so some people assumed that Apple didn’t really have anything exciting to announce. Well guess what: that notion couldn’t have...
List of iOS 11 Compatible iPhone and iPad

List of iOS 11 Compatible iPhone and iPad

Apple has finally released its iOS 11, and users have loved this latest mobile operating system. But Check! Is your iOS device compatible with this latest operating system updates? You can check out here,...
Apple brings Wi-Fi sharing in iOS 11

Apple brings Wi-Fi sharing in iOS 11

It has been lots of new features in iOS 11 that will make the operating system more usable on iPhones and iPads. Apple has not previewed all of them at WWDC 2017 though, with one of the lesser-known additions...