Best Keyboard for Gaming

best gaming keyboard

When it comes to the best keyboard for gaming, you need something mechanical with low noise volume or an obtrusive form factor. According to Reviews Radar, the best gaming keyboard for gaming should be gorgeous, with sturdy keys and with well-made casing

1. Logitech G413 Carbon Gaming Keyboard

One of the cheapest and most responsive is the Logitech G413 Carbon with a wired interface and keyboard backlighting, this sophisticated and refined gaming keyboard has been engineered for a lightning fast actuation point of 1.5mm. it uses Logitech’s Romer-G switches and maintains a low profile thanks to its magnesium alloy frame and silent keys. It’s the first affordable mechanical gaming keyboard from Logitech. It has a unique design that doesn’t include the traditional plastic fairing which is why you can see the underlying base plate of the keyboard. The external shell of this keyboard doesn’t affect its sturdiness as you will find it tough ending or finding any point of flex on the G413. This is due in part to the aluminum-magnesium alloy plate.

2. Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Another great option is the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 which carries a balance of comfort and performance. Complemented by the tacking of five macro keys that can be easily assigned to any-in-game action, this gaming keyboard is comfortable to use with great mechanical switch keys. The design of this keyboard is top notch. You will notice the LED indicator screen in the top right, a number pad and a row of macro keys that takes up a lot of the desktop real estate. This is another consideration you should make before buying. It also comes with a wrist rest which is a bit squishy but still okay. it adds an extra inch to the length of the gaming keyboard. connecting the wrist rest to the keyboard is done via a magnetic snap allowing the BlackWidow Chroma V2 to adequately support your wrists. With the Razer’s Chroma, there are million of color options that allows you to tailor lightning styles to individual games. You can turn your keyboard into a mini-firepower with option for fireplay allowing lights ripple away from your fingerprints with every key press.

3. HyperX Alloy Elite

This is a reasonably priced gaming keyboard with handy media keys. This keyboard provides some subtle changes to its predecessor. Changes such as media keys, a light bar and a palm rest are some of the noticeable changes that you will notice on the HyperX Alloy Elite. This gaming keyboard is frame-less with solid construction. This keyboard is almost the same as it’s predecessor with the addition of few features. Most of the buttons on this keyboard are large (play/pause, mute and the volume rocker). Another important feature that you will enjoy on this keyboard is the ability to switch between lightning mode by hitting the effects button on the board. The Alloy Elite takes the frameless design of the Alloy FPS gaming keyboard, which is the predecessor to this HyperX and adds in a new role for dedicated media buttons. You also get to have a 16-zone light bar that is mashed between the keyboard’s main keys and its media buttons. The illumination from this keyboard is gorgeous and well diffused especially at night.

4. Topre Realforce RGB

Another option for gamers and for personal use on the computer is the Topre Realforce RGB which has incredible Topre keyswitches and a gorgeous RGB lighting. This multi-talented keyboard feels incredible to type on and use for gaming due to the Topre keyswitches which is tactile superior compared to the Cherry MX equivalents. The depths of the keycaps is 1.5mm to 3mm and they are high-quality.  This keyboard is also quite versatile and it will suit whatever task that you have at hand including typing and working on your computer as the key switch are compatible with both Topre and Cherry MX keycaps.