Best Steps to Getting Started with Twitter Marketing

Best Steps to Getting Started with Twitter Marketing
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Can you believe that Twitter has an average of 236 MILLION monthly active users?

That number still takes my breath away, particularly considering such a large number of individuals still don’t “get it.”

They think Twitter is for individuals who are more youthful/more established or who are into perusing about famous people or perhaps talking governmental issues. In any case, for promoting their organizations?!? Don’t worry about it!

The numbers don’t lie however.

Twitter clients are both male and female and are principally between the ages of 18 and 49. Be that as it may, 22% of its clients are beyond 50 years old. So chances are that your essential gathering of people is on Twitter.

Be that as it may, the question still remains: how would you handle Twitter showcasing?

Check out tips for getting started with Twitter marketing.

1. Optimize your profile for Twitter Marketing.

Whether your account is brand new or you set it up ages ago and never looked at it again, you need to make sure it’s optimized with the right keywords.

What do you want to be known for? What keywords do you want your ideal client to find you for?

It’s perfectly fine (even recommended) to share personal details about your life or interests, but it’s essential to tell Twitter users exactly what you do (assuming you want them to find you for your products and services, that is).

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2. Create a content strategy

Let me first say being overly promotional will just make you look spammy, so be really careful about not posting too many links.

I recommend creating “buckets” with TYPES of content that you want to share. For example: inspirational quotes, humor, blog posts, tips related to your niche, your free offer, etc. And make sure you include some images as part of that Twitter strategy, since they get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets.

However, something you shouldn’t forget is to do SOME promotional tweeting. In an effort to not turn people off we sometimes forget to promote our businesses on Twitter! Definitely not a good thing. Make sure you slide some promotional tweets in there, as well.

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3. Have a plan for community building in Twitter Marketing.

If you’re just getting started with Twitter, you definitely want to start out building a Twitter following slowly and to never add more than 100 people per day (it could put you on Twitter’s radar and get you in trouble).

Where do you find people to follow?

Start by following the people who follow your competitors or other industry leaders. You can also do advanced keyword searches to find people according to the kinds of things they’re tweeting or find people who have certain keywords in their bios.

It’s going to be necessary at some point to unfollow people or else you’re going to hit a cap at 2k Twitter accounts. (To go beyond that, you can only be following 10% more people than are following you in return.) Just make sure that when you unfollow, you don’t do so quickly that they don’t have the opportunity to follow you back.

Rapidly following people on Twitter and unfollowing is actually referred to as churning followers and is something Twitter frowns upon.

4. Engage! 

Engagement is essential for relationship building on Twitter, which is the key to social selling. Respond to people who @mention you. Thank people who retweet your content. In short, practice good manners. Twitter is just another social media network. So make sure you’re being social!

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