For e-commerce companies usually all of their sales are generated online, but since online marketing is quite competitive, more and more brands are relying on offline marketing tactics as well to grow their business.

Offline marketing can be very effective, especially when combined with online marketing strategies and e-commerce brands that use this combination can see a significant improvement in their ROI. Even a study by iProspect showed that offline marketing can influence up to 40% of online buyers to make a purchase.

In order you get your e-commerce site to stand out from the competition that is pursuing online-only marketing strategies, here are five offline marketing ideas to boost your e-commerce sales:

1. Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a use of marketing tactics that are out of the ordinary, and because online marketing channels are so narrow, offline might the best arena to flex your business’s marketing muscle. So, starting now, ignore what you know about traditional marketing channels, and let your inner child out to play. You can be as creative and original as you want, you can do pretty much anything, from “accidentally” leaving a pen with you e-commerce site printed on it at the bank, giving away promotional material to leaving sticky notes and business cards in random places.

2. Trade Shows

Trade Shows participation can be an excellent way to reach communities similar to your target audience. You can meet potential customers, suppliers, and similar brands as well and get the chance to spread the word about your eCommerce site and products you are offering.

Events of this kind are very engaging, and you have the chance to tell your potential buyers all about the products you are offering and show it at the same time. Bring some of your products with you to the trade show and, for any other things you want to showcase and cannot bring along, you can use poster display stands for demonstration. The greatest advantage of offline marketing is that your potential clients can see your products live. These events are usually full of people how are interested in your industry and it can be quite an effective way of marketing your business to your target group.

3. Printed ads

Besides printing business cards, sending out eye-catching catalogs, billboards or handing down well-designed flayers and even door hangers with your logo printed can bring your offline marketing game to a higher stand. Your e-commerce site needs to be heard to get more sales and investing in different forms of printed ads will do the trick. Creating and editing great photos for your print ads plays a major role in offline marketing. Photos, as well as textual prints, need to be not just visually appealing, but also engaging.

4. Pop-up store

A Pop-up store is a temporary store space made by an online business owner and they are very popular among small online businesses and e-commerce site owners and the pop-up industry has grown significantly in sales according to PopUp Republic. It is a bit expensive, but surely effective way to promote your e-commerce brand and give your customers a chance to touch and see your products up close.

5. Donate gift certificates or products as prizes

By offering your product or service as the prize for a local contest, you can build visibility for your business while showing your commitment to the community. Moreover, giving away free t-shirts with your logo or url address printed on them is a proven offline strategy that will boost your sales and generate more leads. People love free stuff, always have and always will, and after a small sign of affection in form of a freebie you will gain their trust and loyalty and spread the word about your business at the same time.

Yes, e-commerce companies live and thrive online, but just because you sell your products online, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use offline marketing tactics too. When combining your online marketing with offline marketing techniques, the boost in sales and leads is more than you can even imagine. From pop-up shops and trade shows to printing catalogs and business cards, there are a lot of ways to promote your e-commerce business offline.

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