Books are a brilliant source of entertainment, knowledge and excitement. Research has shown how you can improve your cognitive abilities by reading books – in fact, it can even help you to become a better person in life. When you love books, you can’t get enough of them. The good news is you can share your love with books on social media, especially Tumblr. If you’d like to add just a bit more books to your life and perhaps make new discoveries in the world of literature, here are the Tumblr blogs you should follow.

The Literary Snob

If you like beautiful photos and inspiring quotes, you should give The Literary Snob a follow. This cute blog has content for book lovers with a travelling twist. You can find the usual book review too – the blog has a huge selection of favourite books of each year to read.

English Major Humor

Perhaps you are not just a fan of books but you love words in general. If writing, wordplays and comics are your things, the English Major Humor is a great blog to follow. It has book jokes, grammar tips and corrections, and plenty of general information about books and words. Not to mention it all is written and presented beautifully.

Writing Prompts

Another fantastic blog for those who also have a knack for writing is Writing Prompts. It offers plenty of ideas for writing and little practices to try to improve your creative flair. If you need writing ideas or you simply want to explore cool story ideas, the blog offers beautiful posts to enjoy.

Cover Spy

Do you love to know what others are reading? Cover Spy is a blog kept by book nerds who scout on the streets and subways of New York exactly that. It has the covers of books people notice and the kind of people reading them. The blog has versions in spots like Barcelona, Montreal, and Seattle, too.

Turning Pages

Turning Pages has not been updated for a few months but it’s still worth exploring for book ideas. The site has plenty of book reviews in all sorts of genres and you’ll also be able to explore her book-to-movie reviews. The site also has plenty of quotes and bookish films to feel inspired. It’s a pretty and easy-to-navigate kind of blog.

Pretty Books

For anyone who loves aesthetically pleasing things, Pretty Books is a fantastic Tumblr blog to follow. You will make great discoveries of books to read while looking at beautiful photos all over the place. It’s a great way to get lost in the beauty of books. If you’re after something more commonplace, you can find book reviews and recommendations on the site as well.

Tilly and Her Books

This Australian book is a perfect Tumblr blog to follow when you love books and photos. She takes stunning pictures of libraries and books – you might get jealous of her personal library but you can always just shop for more of your own. There are other cute photos and reposts on the blog too to keep you happy.

The Book Ferret

If you enjoy animal photos with your books, you can’t miss The Book Ferret. This beautiful blog is kept by someone who owns two ferrets – you can see cuddly photos of cute animals while also learning more about the best book in town. The blog has plenty of reposts of books and pets so you will get plenty of reading inspiration from this site.


A word of warning that Bookstairs is not an active Tumblr account. It hasn’t been updated in four years but if you are looking for something new, it probably still has something for you to find. The blog is about book reviews and recommendations – it has a huge selection in terms of genres so you are a bound to find something you like.

The Final Sentence

You might not enjoy the moment books end but there is something poignant in that moment. If you are a sucker for endings and you want to get inspired by that last sentence, check out The Final Sentence. The blog is simple: it just posts the final sentence of any literary delight it comes across. You can also make your own submissions – this site is a true gem on Tumblr.

Now, if you are a booklover the above are definitely blogs you need to follow. You could also just set up your own blog as well. Tumblr is surprisingly easy to use and to get started with. For book inspiration, check out the offers for and you’ll have your bookshelf filled with something new to read.

While books are always a great way to spend time alone, the above blogs are a great demonstration that even your love for books is better when shared!