How to Get a Custom URL for Google Plus Profile or Page

How to Get a Custom URL for Google Plus Profile or Page

Since Google+ authoritatively reported its custom URL alternative the previous evening, it is making hellfire parcel of buzz via web-based networking media destinations and for the most part on Facebook. Many individuals requested that me how get a custom URL for Google Plus profiles of their own. Indeed, even some of them informed me approaching how to set custom URL for Google Plus pages. It is very easy task from today and I’ll show you here how to set a custom URL for google Plus profiles and pages.

What are Google+ Custom URLs?

every profile and page on Google Plus had a lengthy URL with lot or random numbers in it. It is bit hard to remember and even it is almost impossible to access your Google+ profile/page directly by typing in URL bar as you have to remember those entire random numbers. Small mistake in typo will land you on some others profiles.

If you are active on Google+ from last few months or even less you might have seen URL’s like this right?

These things are not any more worthy and you may see those sort of connections all the time from today. Like Facebook now you can set a coveted username in Google Plus also.

Well! Give me a chance to demonstrate. In any case, before getting your own particular custom URL either for your Google Plus profile or page; you should be qualified for taking after three impediments. Perused on

Limitations to Set a Custom URL’s for Google+ Profile or Page

In order to make use of these custom URL’s you must meet below three conditions,

  1. You should have a Profile Pic for your account. In case of Google+ Profiles, you must have a profile pic with your own face like you did for Google Authorship.
  2. You profile or page should have at the least 10 followers, I mean you should be in minimum 10 others circles
  3. Your account must be at least 1 month old

If you meet all above three conditions, you are eligible to make use these custom URL’s

How to set Custom URL’s for your Google+ Profile or Page

Check your mail Inbox, you might have got a mail from Google+ team with subject “Get Custom URL for your Google+ profile” or “Get Custom URL for your Google+ Page”.

According to your Profile name; Google+ team automatically reserves a custom URL for you. If you’re fine with that URL you can accept it.

If you need something different, you can request a new one. If that custom URL is available and no one had taken it yet, you’re lucky or else you should request another one or should opt for last reserved one.

Remember it takes time to get response for your every request. Keep your patience.

Note: Watch your steps very wisely, this is only one time process for now and it is not possible to change it again unless Google+ offers you to change in future. But I’m sure it is one time change for now.

Same process is applicable for Google+ Pages as well. Let me know from below comments sections if you need any help in setting up a custom URL for Google+ Profile or Page


  1. I had an offer to claim URL but I got 404 error and now I can no longer see the offer. I’m pretty sure it didn’t go through because I checked the url I set up and it’s not pulling up. Is there anyway I can still change it or should I request an assistance from Google Helpdesk? Appreciate your help!