Top10 Most Dangerous Things People Do With Their Smartphone


We just can’t do without our smartphones as they are very valuable gadgets to us, and they require extra caution and care. The smartphone Is a holder of confidentiality and they need to be protected to the maximum. I can bet a few bucks, 60% of people reading this information don’t have any physical insurance(phone cases, tampered glass, etc) on their phones.

Our phone needs extra protection from unforeseen circumstances. Always endeavor to buy a phone pack for your phone, as this gives it a sleek look and also an air of extra protection. Always! Always back up your phone contacts and other important info to any secure file upload site, preferably Google Drive, just incase you are hit by damage or phone theft.

Give or take, no matter how our smartphones look secure, they are more likely prone to infiltrations. I’ll give a highlighted explanation to this effect. Put your hands up if your phone has a protector casing against physical damage. I guess the number won’t be much more than my twitter followers.

Getting a protection casing for our phones cannot be overemphasized as any blight or fall, and BYE! All our important info is gone with the phone. Just get a sleek phone casing and you are good to go!.

Another important and always overlooked info is connecting your smartphone to unsecure Wi-Fi networks. Who doesn’t like freebies? But this scenario leaves your phone prone to cyber attacks. A recent Wi-Fi survey shows that 52% Wi-Fi users connect to unsecured networks, therefore leaving your smartphone as vulnerable as ever.

ppGetting an insurance should be parameters for a safe smartphone, and just getting an insurance goes a long way preventing your phone from getting attacked. The excitement of buying a new phone overwhelms that of getting an insurance for it. following Protect Your Bubble statistics: which shows that 60% of phone users do not get phone insurance when buying a new gadget.