Best Free 404 Redirect Plugins for WordPress

Best Free 404 Redirect Plugins for WordPress

A lot of 404 page not found errors in WordPress? 404 errors are not good for your site’s SEO and user experience. The good part is that they’re quite easy to fix with WordPress 404 redirect plugins. In this article, we will show you 6 best free 404 redirect plugins for WordPress.

Look at some of the most popular 404 redirect plugins for WordPress that can help you manage these issues.

1. Redirection

Redirection is an amazing WordPress plugin that helps you to easily set up redirects for your 404 pages. It comes with built-in option to check 404 errors that occurred on your website since you installed the plugin.

Redirection allows you to use powerful regex to match URL patterns and redirect them to appropriate pages. This is very useful if you have moved a site with a different URL structure to WordPress.

2. SEO Redirection Plugin

SEO Redirection Plugin is a simple to use  plugin to manage 404 errors and manage your redirects. It comes with a simple interface to manage your redirects.

It also keeps a data of 404 errors on your WordPress site, so that you can fix those errors.

3. All 404 Redirect to Homepage

As the name suggests, this simple plugin redirects 404 errors to your WordPress site’s homepage.

You can also do that by adding this code in your theme’s 404.php file. Place this code at the very beginning.

4. 410 for WordPress

This plugin redirects your 404 error to a 410 page. Instead of redirecting users from 404 errors to some other page on your site. This plugin sends them to an error page called 410.

The HTTP Specification defines the 410 response header to be used when a resource has been permanently removed. This is also helpful for search engines who are not instructed to ignore this URL and stop trying to access it.

The typical 301 redirect are supposed to be used when a content has moved to a new location. However, if you have removed a lot of content from your site, then adding a 301 redirect does not help your SEO very much.

5. 404page

404 error pages in WordPress themes are usually pretty dull and not very helpful. There are some tips that you can use to improve the 404 template in WordPress.

However, these tips require you to use code and edit the template file.

404page plugin allows you to simply select an existing page from your WordPress site and use it as 404 page.

6. Forty Four — 404 Plugin for WordPress

Forty Four plugin allows you to easily replace your theme’s default 404 page with a custom page. It comes with an easy user interface which allows you to edit the 404 page, use a full screen background image, and change its colors and text.

It also allows you to keep a log of 404 errors on your website. You can also setup 301 redirects for each URL resulting in 404 by editing them in the logs.