7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED

7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED

There are a lot of reasons why people start blogging. The concept of blogging is like an online diary. It contains your thoughts especially on the specific subject that you are interested of. The only difference is that instead of keeping it to yourself, it is made available for the world to see.

Since blogs have become more common, some popular bloggers were contacted by advertisers who wish to display their ads on the site for a specific amount of money. As blogs have become money-making machines, more bloggers were enticed to publish interesting posts.

They believe that when their page becomes popular, more advertisers will be willing to pay them. If you are one of these bloggers, make sure that you understand the entire concept of blogging and how to make your page more popular. Avoid these myths in blogging that most bloggers thought were correct.

People won’t just come

No matter how wonderful your posts are, they are as good as useless if no one can see them. Make sure that you also work on advertising your page. Use strategies to encourage more readers to go to your site and read what you have posted. Maximize the use of social media. Interact with your potential visitors. Even if you can’t convince them right away to visit your site, you can at least make them aware that your site exists.

Free blogging platform is better

Although it is more convenient to use free blogging platforms, they are not necessarily the best choice. They also don’t come with a price so you might think there is no reason to avoid it. The truth is that these platforms don’t give you total control over your blogs. The site might also shut down and totally lose everything that you have published. They can also penalize you for violation of rules even if you can’t remember anything wrong that you have done. It is better to run your own site and not just go for a free hosting platform.

Posting every day is better

Just because you keep posting blogs each day doesn’t mean you will have more followers. Take note that quality should always be chosen over quantity. Just because you have a lot of posts don’t mean all of them will be appreciated. On the other hand, posting quality articles once or twice a week will yield more positive results. Since you are known for posting well-researched posts, followers will remain loyal to you. Even if you have not posted for a while, the moment you do, they will come running to you.

Advertising in all possible outlets helps

Yes, making everyone know about your blog page is important. Again, people just won’t come to your site even if you have published something of high quality. However, this doesn’t mean you can just go ahead and place the link of your site in any advertising platform you can find. Make sure that your strategies are targeted. The audience whom you want to know more about your blog must be the priority. If they are reached better through social media, go ahead and do it. If you are dealing with older demographics that get information more frequently via emails, use email marketing. As long as these strategies are designed to reach out to the people whom you want to know more of your blogs, go ahead and do it.

Your blog page will be successful if you use the right strategies to convince your audience to keep reading what you have posted. The infographic below discusses some other myths when it comes to blogging and the truth behind them.

7 Blogging Myths DEBUNKED