How To Use Manage Flitter To Grow Your Audience with Twitter Reach

How To Use Manage Flitter To Grow Your Audiance with Twitter Reach

ManageFlitter allows you to manage multiple Twitter profiles more effectively. You can manage your followers/following lists by a range of criteria, discover new people to follow based on advanced search option, and find out when your followers are online and schedule tweets properly.

The tool also help you to track who unfollows you and let you search for relevant accounts and tweets.

How To Use Manage Flitter To Grow Your Audiance with Twitter Reach

The ManageFlitter is free with limited features. Upgrading to a paid version will give you access to the more advanced features.


This filter helps you to identify your following/follower numbers in check, it is important to unfollow people from who are not much important and not following you from time to time. Two simple options to identify people to unfollow are to look at the Not Following Back and Inactive lists.

How To Use Manage Flitter To Grow Your Audiance with Twitter Reach


Arrange the Not Following Back list by the date you followed people. That option, you can check who hasn’t followed you back after a long period of time.

Also, if some accounts are inactive and haven’t tweeted in a while and you might want to unfollow them to make space for more active accounts. Unfollowing people in ManageFlitter works much better the same as following them. You can even use the Batch Select feature to speed up the work.


PowerPost is also another productive feature. It allows you to schedule your Twitter content at optimal times based on when your followers are most active online.

Tweet Search

ManageFlitter allows you to search tweets by topic, keyword or location. You can find through the most recent 1,500 results per keyword or phrase, or the last seven days’ worth.

You can also follow accounts connected with your tweet search just as you would follow some other twitter account. This is a great option to communicate with people who are talking about topics that are most related to you.

when you have done a tweet search, try to filter the results by Influence to find high-value Twitter users to communicate with right away.


ManageFlitter allows you to follow the right profiles based on your promotion ideas. After all, one of the best option to get attraction on Twitter is to follow particular accounts. If your interests align, somehow, many of those users will follow you back.


What is the best Twitter marketing if you can’t track what you’re doing? Get analytics about specific words, hashtags, usernames, or websites. Note that some analytics options are available only to business or pro accounts.