Netflix might be your go-to streaming service, but it was a little slow in rolling out offline viewing. Now, however, you can watch your favorite show in just a few taps, provided you remember to download the episodes or movies while you have Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Netflix offline video download - readinbrief
Netflix offline mode is really simple to use. / © ReadInBrief

Assuming you’re already familiar with how to use Netflix on Android, there’s not too much more you need to know in order to watch Netflix content offline. All you need to do is:

Find the show or movie that you want to watch offline later and then click the download arrow to save it to your device. Really, it’s that simple.

By default, downloading content is only allowed on Wi-Fi connections, but if you have a particularly generous data allowance, or are feeling devil may care about it all, you can enable downloads on mobile data connections too. Wild times.

how to download netflix video offline in android
It’s easier to batch delete titles from the download list. / © ReadInBrief

As not all titles are available to download, it might be better to find items you want to watch offline via the ‘Available to download’ section in the side menu in the Android app, to spare yourself the disappointment. One thing that would be handy is an indication of file size before you download it, though.


Have you been hankering for Netflix offline mode? If you’ve tried it, let us know what you think Netflix could improve the new feature too.