How To Double Your Email Subscribers in 30 days

how to double your email subscriber in 30 days
How To Double Your Email Subscribers in 30 days

Below are some idea and tips you can use How To Double Your Email Subscribers in 30 days. Like host a free webinar. Record your webinar and then offer it as an opt-in incentive. Use video to capture leads. Offer a training program. Hold a contest. Offer exclusive coupons, discounts or freebies.

Following are 6 strategies you can use to double your email list in just 30 days.!

Hence these will require your valuable time, money can be used on the general basis to generate much more leads for months or years to come. Of course, you might can’t implement these all stuff in a single month, so I’d encourage you to pick 3-4 that appeal to you the most.

Lets begin

Host a free webinar:
Hosting a webinar not only helps but also grow you as a trusted person in your expertise, this is the effective technique to quickly get new subscribers to your list. Webinars are often seen as more valuable than other forms of content or information, so they are the awesome strategy for many savvy business owners.

Use video to capture leads:
The idea here is similar to #1, however, it’s an option you can use if you prefer to avoid the hassle and expense of the live webinar. Record yourself offering a  tutorial, doing an interview or offering  valuable tips to your subscribers.

Offer Training Session:
A training Session can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. One way you can flesh this out is to create a 6 or 8 part email  series using auto  responders. Choose a problem or need within your community, and then create a comprehensive plan your audience can use to overcome it. Using an email management service like a Weber makes it simple to setup this type of series with no ongoing management on your part.

Organize  a Contest:
Organize a contest that helps to hand over a valid email address an entry requirement. Try to choose a prize that only your target audience would care about, otherwise, you could end with a whole lot of subscribers who really don’t care about your business!

A strategically designed contest can yield amazing results.

Offer exclusive coupons, discounts or freebies:

  • Researcher say that 42% of people like brands on Facebook in order to grab discounts and offers, so offer them what they want! Give exclusive deals to your social media followers and website visitors in exchange for an email address. Some ideas you can draw from include offers.
  • $ discounts ( $12 off )
  • %  discounts ( 25% off )
  • Bonuses ( free gift with signup )
  • Free Shipping with email signup

So invest some extra time and expense into growing it is money well spent.