Google Redesigning Allo for web To Work Without Phones

Google Redesigning Allo for web To Work Without Phones

Google’s cool messaging app Allo will come with a new update for its desktop version. The desktop version of the messaging app was released back September 2016 in India. The instant messaging app was developed for the Android and iOS operating systems with the web user available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The app, however, had a drawback in which the phone had to be switched on and connected to data/ Wi-Fi in order for the app to function.

According to Justin Uberti on Twitter, a lead engineer at Google working on the Duo and Allo services, “We are in the process of migrating the backend system to support completely independent devices.”

Fortunately, according to Google’s Justin Uberti, that situation will change in the future. They are developing a backend system that will function on “completely independent devices” means you no need any smartphone to be connected while using Allo on the web, meaning desktops, laptops, and such. That could potentially increase the appeal of Allo, which remains an even more niche messaging service than the dozens of others circulating around the Internet.

So, That Google Allo on the web will soon work without phone requirement