If you’re a fan of Black Mirror, you’ve seen all of the wonderful and terrifying possibilities for technology to change over time. In the past decade, we’ve seen technology go from a luxury to a necessity. Mobile phones alone have increased integration in every country around the world.  At the risk of sounding cliche, the reality of Black Mirror is only a few clicks away. 

Today, we have partnered with our pals at Meilleur Hebergeur Web to give you a better idea of how Apple works. What better way to do so than by looking at the iPhone?

One of the most crucial products that can be considered integral to the progression of technology in the past decade is the iPhone. In fact, this year was the erstwhile phone’s 10th anniversary, celebrated with the release of the iPhone X, which is by far Apple’s most expensive phone in ten years.

A Gradual Shift

Unlike many other tech companies, Apple has adopted a more gradual stance when it comes to the changes that are implemented in their flagship phone. It wasn’t until the iPhone X that we saw a radical departure from the design philosophies with which Apple has been acquainted for the past ten years.

Some will criticize Apple for laziness for this relative lack of innovation, but there is a reason that they are at the top of the smartphone market today. Slow, measured change is infinitely preferable to change that takes place overnight. Gradual change can help avert potential marketing disasters due to poorly-received features.

Regardless of how you feel about Apple’s innovative processes, you have to admit that they are doing something right (or everything right, in the opinion of some).

Now that the smartphone has been established as one of the dominant tech gadgets, room to breathe (i.e., for innovation) allows manufacturers to implement more features than before. For example, virtual reality is becoming much more prevalent in smartphones than ever before.

Keep in mind that all of the features to be implemented in smartphones over the course of the next decade or so will have to cost money. It seems like we are on a path to increase the prices of smartphones beyond even the cost of the iPhone X.

Getting to the Point

In fact, that brings us to what the iPhone X represents. Too many customers seem to believe that the iPhone X is meant to be Apple’s new mainline phone, but it is more of a proof of concept. The iPhone X represents the future of smartphones more than the present because that is what it is meant to be.

Apple Getting Greedy

Through their research, Meilleur Hebergement Web has compiled the production costs of every iPhone generation and compared them to the retail prices. Without further delay, let’s get right to it!

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