5 Foosball game apps for Android and Apple

foosball game

Most of the people in the world really love to play foosball but foosball has one huge drawback –  they are huge and you can’t carry a foosball table with you.  That is something that is bugging us for ages, but not anymore. Smart game developers made the greatest possible alternative – foosball applications for our smartphones. If you are looking for new favorite sports game application for your smartphone, I suggest you check out ones on this list because they will show you some impressive features:

  1. Foosball Cup World by Ludus Studio

Foosball Cup World

The ideal foosball game, in my view, is Foosball Cup World. Everything about it is fantastic and I am not sure where is the flaw. You can play World League, Tournament or even if you would like to boost your ability, you are able to play matches just to boost your skills. The longer you play the sport, the more points you score which means greater upgrades. Depending on the number of points you can pick a different table, foosball players, and other details. Apart from all that, you may play with a team made from one of 51 countries all over the world. If you’re fortunate, your nation is going to be in the game.

  1. Foosball Cup by Ludus Studio

Foosball Cup

This is the very first foosball game made by Ludus Studio which is means this is the „test game“ for their developing team. The app above was the real deal. For the first application, I must say I am pretty impressed. The game is excellent and you will see that public is happy with it. It did inspire the developing team to create another one – Foosball Cup World. It is simpler and you don’t have to gradually unlock the features which is cool.

  1. Foosball by White Collar Games

Foosball WCG

White Collar Games created the game which appears completely different from ones produced by the above developer – Ludus Studio. Their layout is simple and it seems 3D, but not realistic. They’re more concentrated on the sport than to the winning the tournaments since they only allow you pick the number of goals and the duration. Here you can not pick the nation, but you may pick the color for your group. It has a smaller amount of features but it is still pretty good.

  1. Foosball by NAVU App

Foosball NAVU

Foosball from NAVU App includes a more relaxed layout like it’s more child’s friendly compared to other programs. Everything is blue and red and everything in this game is in the same color which drives to the conclusion that there are only two teams – blue and red. The biggest thing that’s troubling me is arrows. I can’t imagine playing foosball with arrows. I know that it is an app but still, you have to scroll on the display or touch the rods, you can’t control the rods without touching them.

  1. Foosball 3D by Azanf

Foosball 3D

I would recommend this program to novices and those who have not played foosball, everybody else will be disappointed. It’s a fairly simple game and there are very few choices. The issue is that’s dead balls, more than other programs I’ve tried which will end in frustration for more experienced gamers. Fantastic program if you would like to understand how to play foosball, but the minute that you become more seasoned, it won’t suit your requirements.